About us

The DGRV - Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e. V. (German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation – reg. assoc.) is both the apex and auditing association of the German cooperative organisation. We work in the tradition of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen and Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch.
The cooperative link-up group is by far the largest economic organisation in Germany in terms of members, with over 22 million members. Of these, 2.8 million are members of housing cooperatives which are not organised under the umbrella of the DGRV.
The Confederation’s purpose is to promote and represent the mutual interests of its members and their affiliated cooperative institutions. As a legally registered auditing association, the DGRV can carry out all audits of its regional and national centres, special institutes and federations.

What the DGRV does

The DGRV coordinates the representation of the entire organisation’s interests in matters of business administration, accounting, and cooperative auditing. The aim is to create effects of synergy and to reduce costs.

The DGRV represents the concerns of all cooperative sectors in matters of economy, law and tax policy, and advises the organisation on questions of management organisation and data processing, as well as – in close coordination with the ADG – the training system. As a cooperating partner of other institutions at home and abroad, it promotes cooperative development primarily in third world countries, but also in central and eastern Europe. The DGRV is a member of various international organisations.