Consumer cooperatives

Consumer cooperatives operate under various names, such as "CONSUM", "Coop", or a com-pletely different name. Whatever name they have they - always involve the collective purchasing of many different individuals. Cooperative retail companies offer members food and goods for daily use. Member custo-mers can actively shape the business policy of the company.

As well as traditional food retail companies and consumer cooperatives, bio-shops, online shops, world-shops or specialty mail order companies are also organized in the legal form of cooperatives and successfully fill market niches. In a broad sense, cooperatives such as the daily newspaper taz also belong to the group of consumer cooperatives. This daily newspaper has been on the market since 1992. More than 17,700 readers ensure the economic and journalistic independence of "their" newspaper.

Some independent schools have organized their school boards as cooperatives and rely this legal form for the profess-ional management of the capital transferred to them and to provide their schools the stability they require.