Our target groups and partners

Our target groups and partners are:

  • cooperative members and customers,
  • cooperative societies and cooperative central institutions,
  • policy-makers,
  • portfolio ministries,
  • central banks and banking supervisory authorities.
Focal areas of consultancy are:
  • the building-up, organization and management of cooperatives,
  • risk management, early-warning systems, management information systems,
  • microfinance,
  • cooperative and banking law; banking supervision,
  • agricultural production (processing, marketing),
  • trade,
  • cooperative auditing systems; deposit protection schemes,
  • training and advanced training; EDP.
Our services include:
  • consultancy provided by long-term and short-term experts,
  • seminars and teaching materials,
  • expert opinions and expert studies,
  • cooperation with central banks and banking supervisory authorities,
  • work experience programmes in Germany and elsewhere (South-South cooperation),
  • partnerships and various forms of cooperation,
  • software solutions.