Legal consulting

Legal counselling at the DGRV

The DGRV assists its members in their individual legal matters. This also applies to the members of an auditing association, upon its request. Services offered include the writing of extensive expertise reports. Circulars and publications on general legal matters supply the entire organisation with information on specific subjects. Issues of cooperative and corporate law, association articles and problems of data-protection law are of prime importance here. The DGRV is also the coordinator of the GenoRecht® network of cooperative law and trust companies. It is the leading supervisor of the forms committee of the Deutscher Genossenschaftsverlag (German Cooperative Publishing House) in Wiesbaden and is responsible for approving cooperative forms and reports and for awarding the FA label. Further to this, it provides its members with sample documents for various areas of regulation (articles, terms and conditions, employment contracts) and keeps them continually up to date.

Lobbying in legal matters

The DGRV also represents the interests of its members in legislation issues at national and EU level, as well as in the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). The legal department also carries out consulting assignments worldwide. As part of our lobbying effort, the legal department releases numerous publications and gives regular presentations.

RA Jan Holthaus
fon: +49 228 / 8861 - 215
fax: +49 228 / 8861 - 213

Policy issues
RA Dr. Otto Korte
fon: +49 30 /726 220-951
fax: +49 30 / 726 220-989