Policy issues

Competence centre for accounting and auditing

The policy issues/member support department of the DGRV is a hub of accounting and auditing knowledge and operates across the entire link-up group. Our areas of expertise are business administration, accounting, auditing matters, banking and financial market supervision and banking law. This expertise is made available to the auditing and consulting departments of our members and our clients.

Quality assurance of auditing and consulting

The DGRV assumes the fundamental and developmental tasks for auditing and consulting institutions in the group and ensures unanimous agreement is reached on all specific matters. Each of the auditing associations’ operative units is supported in the quality assurance of auditing and consulting work. Networked method databases are employed in order to bring together extensive specialist knowledge so that it can be used in interdisciplinary consulting and auditing processes.

Specialisation and practical expertise

The complexity and diversity of auditing and consulting assignments on the one hand, and the permanently changing nature of the business administration and legal environments on the other, mean that very high standards are expected of our consultants. For this reason, specialisation in an area of expertise and continuous advanced training are necessary. However, our consultants are also involved in the practical implementation of auditing and consulting assignments. Hands-on experience and specialisation thus form the basis for the department’s expert competence and the high quality of its auditing and consulting.

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