Our focus

Our focus is on:

  • empowering large sections of the population to take part in the economic and social development of their country,
  • removing the causes and consequences of economic and social marginalization for good,
  • strengthening the readiness for self-help and the capacity to assume personal responsibility,
  • creating structures for a sustainable economic development.
We support:
  • cooperatives and cooperative networks in the financial, crafts, and agricultural sectors,
  • the establishment of centralized institutions such as cooperative central banks,
  • the development of training and advanced training systems,
  • the building-up of auditing systems in cooperation with national banking supervisory authorities and central banks, and
  • meaningful framework conditions which are conducive to cooperatives, such as banking supervision, banking law, cooperative law.
We use for orientation:
  • the development-policy guidelines and concepts of the Federal Government and international institutions,
  • the situation in partner countries and the people living there,
  • business-oriented self-help in the spirit of the cooperative pioneers Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen and Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch, and
  • long-term project experience as a competent implementing agency in development cooperation.